To Buy or Lease a Boat in Florida: That is the Question

If you are a keen boater and wondering whether your should lease a boat or purchase one, we can empathize with how difficult a decision you are up against.

It can be difficult to choose between these options as both have pros and cons worthy of serious consideration. Today, we will discuss all the things you should know about buying or leasing a boat before you make your decision.

Duffy-Electric-Boat-22-Sun-Cruiser-Interior-7-1024x683 To Buy or Lease a Boat in Florida: That is the Question

Regardless of which option you choose, we want you out on the water as soon as possible! Read on to learn more.

If You Are a New Boater

If you are new to the boating game, and still looking to build your expertise where it comes to being on the water, it’s probably best to lease a boat prior to purchasing.

This will allow you to test it out properly and learn which model might best suit your needs in. This way, by the time you choose to purchase a boat, you will be confident in your decision that you’ve chosen a boat with all of the bells and whistles you’re interested in.

If You Want to Avoid Maintenance

A potential downside of owning your own boat is the regular upkeep and maintenance that you’ll have to carry out. Although seasoned boaters love spending time fine tuning their watercraft, the hobby of boat maintenance is certainly not for everyone.

If boat maintenance isn’t really your thing and you’re looking for all of the joy of owning a boat with only a fraction of the responsibility, leasing a boat could be the perfect option for you.

Using a reputable boat leasing service means that you don’t have to sweat the small details. Your service will look after all the maintenance work, allowing you to focus on having maximum enjoyment with none of the responsibilities.

Boat-Maintenance-1024x682 To Buy or Lease a Boat in Florida: That is the Question

You wouldn’t need to work on cleaning the boat at the end of the day, or managing oil changes. All you need to do is turn up and have a good time!

If You Don’t Have Storage Options

Storing a boat and all the gear can be a lot of hassle. It can also be expensive! You have to ensure that everything is stored in a proper location and in the off season, you will likely feel that you’re paying a lot of money for a service you’re barely using.

Some neighborhoods won’t allow you to store your boat on the street. This can lead you to pay quite a bit of money for storage. For this reason, renting a boat could prove useful. Additionally, leaving your boat unsecured at your property can lead to a risk of theft or vandalism, which would add to your overall expense.

If You Are Going to be Using it Regularly

The decision of whether to buy or lease a boat can usually be decided by how regularly you are going to be on the water. If you plan to use your boat every weekend, then purchasing could be best!

Similarly, if you are planning on using a boat for just a few times in the summer months, a purchase may be premature.

Buying a boat outright can be an expensive investment. If you aren’t planning on using it regularly, renting might be best for you.

If You Want the Pride of Ownership

Some people want the full experience of having their own boat to take out on the water. They want to look after it and treat it like a prized possession.

You simply won’t get that same feeling from renting a boat. Even if you rent the same model every time, it can’t compare to the feeling of owning your own boat.

Owning your own boat give you the feeling of pride and looking after something. You are able to customize your boat however you choose and add personalized touches to it, such as a name and aesthetic alterations.

Many people dream of owning a boat in their retirement. They imagine what it will be like to take their friends and family on days out. Purchasing a boat is the only way to experience that true pinnacle of satisfaction.

If You Want Total Flexibility

If you want to be able to use a boat whenever and wherever you choose, the best option would be to buy your own.

Rental services are brilliant in the sense that you can book online or even opt for walk-ins depending on availability. However, this can be subject to availability.

It might be disappointing to find out that the rental service you planned on using doesn’t have the boat you’re looking for. You also have to work around their schedule.

Having your own boat means that you have the freedom to take our your boat whenever you like. A lot of people want to embrace that level of flexibility, and for that reason they choose to buy their own boat.

To Buy or Lease a Boat: Where Can I Get More Information?

It is critical to weigh all of the benefits and challenges of both of these options. There is no “right” decision, only the decision that is right for you. Either way, it’s a win-win if you get out on the water!

If you have any further questions about Duffy boat rentals, please feel free to contact us directly. We are confident that our expert team can match you to whatever you need!