What Are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Boat?

From the size, to the shape, to the fancy accessories, picking out the perfect boat for your water leisure time involves a lot of detail work. What’s astounding is that these choices don’t even scratch the surface–we haven’t talked motors or hardware yet.

The electric boat has been on the rise for a while now and it isn’t without reason. Electric boats can make life a lot easier, letting you keep your mind on the comfortable water ride.

We’ve pulled together eight big advantages you can have with an electric boat. You’re one step closer to the perfect boat for you; let’s dive in!

The Big Advantages of Going Electric

From the boating industry to the car industry, electric vehicles have been more and more on everybody’s mind. There are more reasons for this than getting the latest shiny new piece of technology.

An electric boat can save you money, make your boating experience easier, and even be better for the environment! 

1. Safer for the Environment

Since the first gasoline and diesel boat engines dipped into the water, their impact on the environment has escalated. Gasoline fumes can choke the air and leaking oil can poison the water.

This may not have a noticeable effect on remote lakes visited by one or two boats a year. If you look at crowded harbors and frequent traffic areas, on the other hand, it adds up fast. 

The electric boat has none of these issues. It has no gas to burn and no oil to leak. If you keep the litter to zero, you’ll have no negative impact on your environment at all! 

2. Quiet Boating Makes for Leisure Boating

Electric boats run off of a battery and a simple motor. With no combustion engine at all, the only sound an electric boat will make is the soft puttering of the rotors. 

If you’ve ever made an attempt at conversation on a loud motorboat, you will know how wonderful a quiet engine can be. For social calls on your boat, electric is perfect.

If you are looking for leisure boating at its finest, a calm and quiet electric boat motor will keep you going. The softer engine also gives a more leisurely pace, perfect for slow boat rides along the water.

3. No Need for Fuel and Oil

Not only is fuel a hazard to the environment when burned or leaked, but it also is not cheap. Cutting fuel and oil costs is a major drop in your boat maintenance. 

You also have to worry less about refueling, which can be a cumbersome process at times. Spilling gas on yourself is a great way to ruin an afternoon.

4. Winterization Is Easier

For those who don’t live down near the hot tropics, you know that winterizing your boat can be a pain. Getting your boats out of the water is only the start.

When you don’t have any fuel to freeze or congeal on you, though, winterization becomes a thousand times easier! 

An electric boat has no fluid to worry about. Taking the boat out of the water and checking to see how best to store the battery are your only winterization tasks. Perfect!

5. Fewer Moving Parts Makes Maintenance Easier

A combustion engine is not a simple machine. These days, they have a lot of moving parts. Combine that with fuel intake valves and several other engine pieces, and all those moving parts can lead to more maintenance down the line.

Electric boats, again, skip all of those issues. This makes trips to the mechanics shorter, simpler, and less frequent. Saving money and frustration with less maintenance is a great way to make boating a more enjoyable experience. 

6. Increasing Battery Charging Support

One of the biggest detractions toward electric vehicles has been battery life and charging support. Ten or twenty years ago, that might have been true, but we’ve come a long way since then.

Battery life gets better and better every year. The technology provides more protection and durability with each new model. 

Charging stations are now becoming a common sight on most major harbors. Even better, personal, portable chargers are reaching that sweet spot in affordability.

Boats also have a major advantage over cars in that boating is a source of fun and relaxation. They aren’t often a way to commute or run errands, leaving less long rides and drains on the battery. 

7. Safer Boating

The biggest dangers to any boating experience are reckless driving and hazardous cargo.

Reckless driving has nothing to do with the boat itself, so electric won’t save you on that note. The lower average speed of electric boats, though, may prevent an accident or two.

The biggest draw, though, is a lack of hazardous cargo. In the direst of circumstances, you have no causes for fire or deadly fumes.

8. Electric Motor Pricing Is Dropping

The fortune of the electric boat is smiling. With more people investing in electric boats, better technology has come out, driving prices lower and lower.

The Next Best Thing: Renting

Getting an electric boat has a lot of positives, but it is still a major investment. If all of these options have you eager to get an electric boat of your own, fantastic. If not, there is a great alternative.

Nothing helps you see the facts like a hands-on experience. Renting is a great option and one we here at Duffy also provide! This can get you a great weekend on the water with a quality electric boat. See the advantages for yourself!

The Best Electric Leisure Boats on the Market

An electric boat is a big investment, but with so many of these potent advantages on your side, it sure looks like a safe investment. If these benefits appeal to you, an electric boat should be in your future.

We here at Duffy are happy to help you get the best boat for your leisure boating time. There is a lot of customization you can put onto even the simplest of electric boats. From models to cost, we welcome all of your questions. Contact us today!