Duffy Care

Protect your Duffy against the elements and keep it in tip top condition for years to come.

The Ultimate Hands
Off Maintenance Plan

Duffy Boats are made to last a lifetime. But like all boats, protecting against the effects of salt water and UV rays is critical to get maximum enjoyment and performance year after year.

Duffy Care is our complete cleaning and maintenance program. When you sign up for Duffy Care, a team of expert technicians will perform a full battery of monthly/bi-monthly and annual cleaning, preservation, and maintenance services to keep your Duffy looking and operating its best year-round. We offer two Duffy Care service levels (Silver and Gold) to ensure there’s a plan that fits your budget and your needs.


Without regular maintenance, the elements will take a toll on your Duffy – there’s no way around it. For instance, algae and barnacle buildup can reduce your boat’s speed by up to 40% and cause unpleasant deck vibration when the motor is running. Additionally, colored hulls will inevitably fade if not properly polished and protected annually with real wax.

Of course, it’s possible to learn the ins and outs of proper cleaning and maintenance and take these duties into your own hands. But why not let our team of expert technicians, cleaners, and preservation crews do it for you? You’ll not only be protecting your investment, but you’ll be greeted with a sparkling clean and optimally performing boat every time you set foot in your Duffy.

Monthly Service


Each month (or every other month, depending on your chosen service plan), a team of Certified Technicians stops by your boat and does all possible checks to ensure everything is in order. Right behind them comes the cleaning crew to detail your Duffy from top to bottom, including a diver who scrapes the boat bottom to remove buildup.

  • 25-Point Mechanical Inspection to keep your Duffy safe and operational and reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs.
  • Full Topside Cleaning including windows, flooring, deck surfaces and surrey top, to keep all occupied and visible areas of your boat sparkling clean.
  • Bottom Cleaning to remove algae and marine growth, preventing performance drag and protecting the hull’s finish.

Annual Haul-Out Service

Every 12 months, we perform full haul-out services to do more intensive maintenance and preservation work. This is the service that really pays major dividends on extending the life of your Duffy and keeping it as beautiful and functional as the day you bought it.

  • Pick-up and delivery to your dock
  • New anti-fouling bottom paint
  • Complete buff and wax of the hull and topside
  • Re-pack propeller stuffing box (if applicable)
  • Haul-out at our full-service facility
  • Close inspection of all electrical and mechanical systems
  • Detailed interior and exterior cleaning
  • Flooring cleaning

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