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All you need to know about operating and caring for your Duffy.

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Duffy Electric Boats are designed to provide the greatest possible enjoyment and ease of use. Below are some of the most common questions we receive about operating and maintaining your Duffy. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out any time.

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  • How long will a Duffy electric boat travel using batteries?

    With the single battery pack, smaller Duffy electric boats will go for 3.5 hours, averaging just above 5 mph, for 17.5 miles (assuming calm winds and no current). Our larger Duffy electric boats can go slightly faster. Using the double battery pack you can expect to double the time and distance plus an additional 15%.

  • How do I charge it back up and how long will it take?

    The standard built in charger will need 12 hours to fully charge the single battery pack. It only requires approximately 7 hours to recharge to 75%. The twin battery packs will require double the time to charge.

  • What is the lifetime of a battery pack or how often do I need new batteries?

    This is one of our most commonly asked questions! The batteries we use as standard equipment have a life of over 800 cycles. Depending on how well you maintain (keep charged and full of water) it can even last up to 1,200 times. The battery’s lifetime also depends on how far down you take the charge on your typical outing or cruise. Discharging to 100% will severely cut your cycles down by more than half. Conversely, if you don’t go below half charge on your normal run time, the batteries will cycle many more times than they are advertised. We have customers tell us they have had batteries last 10 years, but most replace theirs after about 5 or 6 years.

  • What about thrust and power? What happens if it gets really stormy and windy?

    Duffy electric boats are primarily for harbors, bays, rivers and small lakes. Our boats are very capable of handling winds up to 40 mph in protected waters. While not designed for use in heavy seas, the Duffy 22 completed a 100 mile trip in Southern California seas around Catalina Island on April 19, 2013 in 25 knot winds.

  • I’ve purchased my electric boat and just took delivery. How do I set it up?

    Duffy electric boats are specially packed at the factory before they leave so that they can travel safely and efficiently to you! Every Duffy electric boat is packed with care and is easy to rig and set up once it has arrived. We have created both a video and PDF manual to show you the best way to get setup and out on the water.

    Click here to watch the video and download our Rig-A-Duffy manual.

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